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AVATAR is a marketing technology agency that creates measurable web, mobile, and business software.

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AVATAR develops measurable marketing technology for business and communications initiatives: products, websites, mobile development, productivity, and data management software that is designed from the ground up to fit your needs.

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A systematic approach to development and project lifecycle is the key difference between success and failure. AVATAR brings experience and tools to maintain structure and keep development on time and on budget. Our tools include code integrity platforms, standards we have developed with a best practices approach, and task managment tools to keep everything running. Each project is unique and each solution based on you, but we bring the same passion and commitment to everything we do.

Our process follows a Prototyping model - we deploy simplified solutions through a rapid development process so we can provide proof concept as well as help finalize overall strategy without a large investment.

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Software Development

There is no better resource than an experienced team when it comes to developing digital products and portals. From concept to maintenance and growth, AVATAR designs total solutions. We approach development from a balance: we let the desired business goals shine through and not be overwhelmed by the software behind it. We offer advanced application and product development, as well as streamlined marketing-focused websites.

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Application and Web Hosting

End-to-end integration of content development and delivery means highly efficient systems.  AVATAR provides hosting services that include standard SLA and maintenance planning as well as advanced scaling and monitoring solutions.

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Digital Strategy

AVATAR develops meaningful and measurable digital strategy that defines and executes your organization's vision, goals, and initiatives online.

We approach digital strategy with a wide focus in order to determine broader opportunities and risks that digital solutions potentially create.  These strategies often includes sales intelligence, team collaboration, new product/market exploration, service optimization, architectures and processes, innovation and governance; to more marketing and customer-focused efforts such as web sites, mobile, eCommerce, social, site and search engine optimization, and advertising.

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Advocacy and Governance

AVATAR works with marketing/communications teams to provide technical expertise during technology projects.  We create standards and accountability that help marketing be confident that their needs will be met and IT establish processes to manage and communicate.

Technology and communications team work differently.  AVATAR bridges that divide.

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Founded in 1997, AVATAR started in the warehouse district of downtown Toledo.  We quickly outgrew our first space and in 2001 expanded to a large warehouse on Summit St immediately outside of downtown Toledo.  Our Summit St. office has seen a lot of changes over the past decade – we have helped launch businesses out of our office, put on several art shows, and held fund raisers for various organizations.  In 2007 we opened an office in San Francisco to help continue our growth and diversity.  In the past 16+ years, AVATAR has kept a focus on local resources with a global mindset.

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AVATAR focuses web development on brand sophistication and promotion of your vision.  We energetically design bold and creative ideas and then bring those ideas to life.

We deliver high-performance web applications that are turnkey business solutions.

Successful sites are brand stewards, sales tools, business development tools, as well as information channels and industry benchmarks. In order to achieve these lofty goals fundamental foundations need to exist.

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The Best Web

AVATAR provides web development and execution in an adaptive approach to match your needs and desired goals.  Our approach starts with understanding our clients.  Their business, their history, their jargon and their expectations.  AVATAR chooses technology platforms to fit the situation.  And everything is taken into account: budget, timeline, long-term support, security - we even ask our clients for their opinion.  But none of this can be successful without being able to measure the success or failure of features, content, and organization.  The more you know, the more we know, the better we can both be.

AVATAR seeks to create the best web for you and how you communicate.

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User Experience

The needs of the user is evolving as they experience new, unusual systems that have increased data density.  Over the years, users are able to understand more complex controls and icons - as well as increased amounts of information delivered simultaneously.
AVATAR approaches the exploration of user experience using analytics and information.  We investigate user activity by:
  • Measuring why a user did or did not convert
  • Providing two paths
  • Understanding why one choice was less popular

The user experience of a particular system is often defined using a baseline experience.  A baseline:

  • represents the common technology and cognitive abilities among target audiences
  • does not imply level
  • can be used to target above/below expectations.
The goal of user experience planning is straight-forwards: conversion.  With good experience design we can turn casual interest into desired action.
AVATAR follows four step process:
  1. Prototype.  Build a model of an overall process.
  2. Evaluate.  Use the model and make immediate corrections.
  3. Observe.  Allow others use the model.
  4. Understand.  Collect all available data and redesign accordingly.
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Content Management

AVATAR builds content management solutions and processes for large and small systems.

Benefits of a content management system (CMS):

  • Provides an easy-to-use interface where content managers do not need advanced training
  • Accessibility to documents and modifications
  • Reduced waste and error-prone manual processes
  • Immediate access to information
  • Eliminate time-consuming business processes
  • Establish a reliable and accurate audit trail
  • Branding consistency and standardization

This includes more than just simple text management.

  • News release management
  • Product management
  • Document management
  • Portfolio management
  • Event management
  • Catalog management
  • Image management
  • Presentation management
  • E-commerce management


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Web Development

AVATAR's web solutions encompass a variety of business operations that take full advantage of the efficiency of Internet-based application and server technologies.

For your corporatation or enterprise, we customize a web-based application system integrated with your website. Our in-depth experience enables us to understand your business objectives and identify the optimal strategy to achieve each goal.

For your online store or new venture portal, our web development will provide a flexible, robust, scalable and  dependable framework built to your specifications.

Our web development practice blends the expertise of our staff in open source as well as  Microsoft's .NET platforms, to deliver interactive and effective solutions for you.

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Content Services

AVATAR provides content development and editorial services to associations and corporations. Whether you need concepts and content for a blog or whitepaper, we bring highly target content creation experience and expertise to your projects.

Original content is king.  There is no better way to establish your expertise and value to your clients than to provide them your perspective on pressing industry development.

Association Content Services
Healthcare Content Services
Building Material Content Services
Consumer Content Services
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The mobile experience is about continuous access to process and content.  Sometimes the solution is simply knowing that your customers are using their phones and tablets to engage your content.  And sometimes it takes more than knowing they are out there, it takes an approach that encompasses the audience’s experience from beginning to end.  Apps and mobile websites are tools – the real solution is a systematic approach to what your customers want and when.

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App Development

AVATAR develops app and mobile websites to provide your customers access to information they need, when they need it.  We create apps for iOS, Android, and Windows.


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Responsive Design

A responsive design provides a mobile experience without recreating your content.  This type of structure will provide a mobile friendly layout that will automatically alter itself based on three general screen sizes: phone, tablet, desktop.  Given the advancements in mobile browsers, this methodology is preferable to a separate mobile site.  It also provides the advantage of avoiding duplication of content since the mobile experience does not change the site being asked.  It also allows more consistency of experience between devices.

This will provide the most ideal experience for all levels of customer as well as be the easiest to manage long term.

Browse AVATARSyndicate.com from your phone or tablet, or visit one of our other mobile sites such as PagePlusCellular.com or SSSFOnline.com.

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Audience Expectations

Extending data and applications to the third screen can help teams be more adaptive and marketing be more exciting.  Our mobile solutions can manifest simply as enabling web developments on mobile platforms or as dedicated applications – but no matter the tools that come into play, all mobile strategy starts with understanding the audience’s expectations why they are there.

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AVATAR creates applications and tools to help your business communicate with your customers and partners. AVATAR's development teams create new flow and efficiency into your daily operational routine.  As experts in corporate and enterprise web development and sophisticated data management, we build robust, scalable, and effective web applications.

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Sales & Marketing

AVATAR produces systems and processes to manage sales and marketing efforts. 

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Integrating CRM tools into your everyday processes can significantly increase your efficiency and access to valuable customer data.

Lead generation and management

Optimize campaigns from lead to close, on every channel. Make smarter decisions about where to invest, and show the impact of your marketing activities on your bottom line.

The goal is simple: marketing and sales come together: managing and tracking campaigns across all channels—including social media—from lead capture to close. Make smarter decisions about where to invest and show the impact of your marketing activities on your company's bottom line.


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Data Management

Companies run on people.  People run on data.  Managing that data and moving it between people, systems, and partners - and making sure that data is not only correct but consistent and meaningful - can lead to confusion and incorrect proceses.


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Relationship Management

We strive to maximize your profitability and revenue by quickly capturing and analyzing your  targeted customer, vendor, partner, and internally processed information. AVATAR will design  a good customer-focused strategy to enforce your sales, marketing, customer service interaction and collaboration.

AVATAR can integrate in existing CRM solutions or recommend off-the-shelf solutions based upon your specific business needs. Our strategy varies in size and scope, from simple focus on a team of salespeople or project  managers, to customer interaction across the entire organization.

AVATAR's Relationship Management solutions include:

  • Content automation
  • Process management
  • Training and support
  • Lead generation


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Standards & Compliance

AVATAR assists businesses perform self-auditing and develop compliance for structured standards – or to create those standards yourself.  AVATAR’s attention to detail and network of experts allows us to provide a new perspective on developing and managing compliance processes.  This includes approaches like HIPAA or your own brand and development standards.

We follow a formal process for standards development that results in a guidelines as well as a the necessary auditing process to maintain compliance.

Step 1. Collection

Step 2. Establish Path

Step 3. Best Practices

Step 4. Build Process

Step 5. Implementation

Step 6. Audit Training

Step 7. Test

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Governance & Advocacy

AVATAR supports our clients as a continuity and oversight resource for all software and web development by internal or external partners by providing process, leadership, knowledge and standardization.   This includes specification, strategy, upgrade processes, change tracking, and a management of standards.  The goal of this service is to drive development projects based on your vision and needs.

Our Governance & Advocacy services provide the marketing team with the expertise to navigate the sometimes complex relationships with technical resources.  That means that AVATAR works towards your vision and is not trying to sell you or shoehorn you into a solution that may not be cohesive with your big picture.  The larger goal is to give you the freedom to focus on the strategy of doing business online while AVATAR focuses on the technology and infrastructure to execute that strategy. 

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Sales Channel Communications

Visibility and standardization through your sales channels - dealers, partners, VARs, affliates - requires control of the sales communication.  AVATAR creates process and tools for your channel structure to help your focus on improving sales and controlling content.

You can keep your partners on target and on message using data tracking, information sharing, and centralized control of information through the entire channel.

Learn more about PRESO, a sales presentation delivery tool.


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Enterprise E-commerce

The benefits of AVATAR's approach to e-commerce are based on 15+ years experience developing large and small scale solutions, from custom to off-the-shelf.

Our solutions include:


AVATAR's hosted shopping cart, account, single sign-on, and order management product that can stand alone or be integrated into internal systems (EDI, ERP, etc).  This is a core system that gets the front-end running quickly so we can focus attention on integration.

SyndiCart is a scalable, integrated solution that can be developed as part of a core web initiative or as a hosted, managed system.

Customer Strategy and Content

Designing the experience to advance toward the sale

  • personalization
  • configuration
  • content
  • conversion
  • entanglement
  • engagement

Content Management

Developing tools and processes to move content and information from original sources into the customer's hands.

  • image management
  • data integration and processing
  • automation
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We are often inspired by our clients and what hurdles they have in the course of everyday business.  Whether that be challenges in a global economy or effective channel communications.  AVATAR’s Nursery is our way of taking those points of pain and growing them into solutions. And sometimes it is our way of having fun.

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Cilia -logo

CILIA is a cloud-based Digital Asset Management solution that helps marketing, design, sales, and management teams manage video, imagery, content, and other assets in a multi-channel organization.  CILIA creates a control and management environment to make sharing content simple and centralized.

Benefits of CILIA Digital Asset Management: 

1. Standards-based organization and tools.

2. Advanced taxonomy.

3. No increase infrastructure.

4. Easy access from anywhere.

5. Usage restriction.

Learn more about Digital Asset Management at myCILIA.com

Learn more about ARCHV, CILIA’s long term storage solution.

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Archv -logo

ARCHV is a cloud-based storage solution for maintaining digital assets and content that are not currently approved for circulation.

ARCHV gives you a place to store images that you have invested in but do not currently fit your needs - but you do not want to lose your investment.  What do you do with the hundreds of images produced during a photoshoot that you did not select as the shot?  

ARCHV integrates seemlessly with CILIA Data Asset Management, allowing you move assets back and forth to keep your inventory in sync with your current needs.

Benefits of ARCHV Asset Storage: 

1. Low cost long term digital storage.

2. Simple folder structure.

3. No increase infrastructure.

4. Easy access from anywhere.

5. Protection for your brand investments.

Get started with your ARCHV today. 

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PRESO is a presentation platform for mobile sales teams that allows leadership to remotely manage and deliver content.

How do you control your message with your channel relationships or remote sales team?  PRESO provide a sales content management system that communicates with mobile devices.  The mobile device automatically updates itself so they can be offline during the presentation.

PRESO uses fresh design and navigation tools to help the sales team engage with professional and in-home customers in the limited time available to them.

Sales representatives have always called upon individuals in many industries - healthcare, building materials, professional service - and many others.  This is still the approach today.  However, economic preassures on these industries are causing them to rethink the traditional sales process.

The sales team now can have all the information at their fingertips.  This includes the bulky catalogs they used to carry to each presentation which were not only heavy but also hard to navigate.  Using PRESO to present to customers can increase the level of engagement and helped the sales team present a more coherent pitch.

PRESO is a flexible platform that can be integrated into existing processes.

  • CRM integration
  • Embed videos
  • Auto-update
  • Lead/follow-up management

Learn more about PRESO


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Sometimes the simplest solutions are the best.  RAFFLEMATIC is a web-based tool that helps organizations manage and automate reverse raffles.

Reverse raffles are a great way for an organization to provide entertainment while raising funds.  But the human resources to run and maintain the raffles can be difficult.  RAFFLEMATIC reduces the resources needed while automating the pulling of tickets and tracking of awards.

With RAFFLEMATIC you can import the tickets sold, specify when you want to run the raffle, how long and how quickly to pull tickets, and when to award prizes.  You can even pause the raffle at anytime!

Learn more about how to get started using RAFFLEMATIC 

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1301 North Summit Street
Toledo, OH 43604

1788 19th Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94122